sütőtök krémleves

Our Chef favorite winter dish

Date: 2016. 01. 23.

The weather is cold outside but in the Jardinette restaurant hot soups and palate warming meat dishes are being served. The Chef’s new Winter Offer  will welcome you by keeping the cold away with our special Hungarian dishes and passionate French flavors.

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Our Chrismas take out offer

Date: 2015. 12. 16.

The Christmas menu with an unmistakable delightful aroma and taste will set a special mood around the holiday table. The meals also includes the taste of the traditional Szegedi fish soup or even the mouth watering Chilled Jelly Soup (aspic). Order this years Christmas super from Jardinette and the food will speak for its self, making your holiday a memorable one.

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Date: 2015. 12. 16.

Once gain we arrive to that time of year when the Jardinette restaurant has its large and well known New Year’s Party. A 6 course, mouth watering, gourmet meal will include music entertainment. The 5 member band will perform the top swing and jazz songs in the first part of the show.

As we approach the new year at 11 p.m, the party continue with pop, rock, funky and other similar style of dance and music. Don’t forget to make your reservations ASAP. wile the tickets last!

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For this special event the Jardinette may provide a special taste

Date: 2015. 12. 16.

December is that time of year to make preparations for Christmas. During this exciting time and full house season, we prepared a heavenly Advent menu. Once again this just goes to show that a harmonies cross between traditional and new tastes find its way onto our menu.
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