Our Chestnut trees are greening..

Date: 2017. 04. 08.

Check out our beautiful garden out of the noise of Budapest just 10 minutes far from the very city. Enjoy our outdoor tables and great local food leaning back under the shades of the chestnut trees..

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The Beer Brewmaster and the Chef – our guest is: Etyeki Beer Brewing

Date: 2017. 04. 03.

We are starting a brand new series of events at Jardinette. Our good old dream is coming true. Each and every evening (6 per year are planned) we invite one of the best known Hungarian Hand Craft Breweries. Whos is the most authentic person to describe the beers? The Brewmaster, of course. As he is presenting his masterpieces, so does our Chef, Istán Csánki with his great dished created to match the beers.

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Our guest on 21st April is Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra

Asparagus, Eastern and Austria!

Date: 2017. 03. 07.


Our famers have recently reported that the first Asparagus has arrived ! Our Chef, István Csánki prepared his Asparagus dishes immediately, they are ready to try! Since Eastern Holidays are getting close our Chef fine tuned his offer to represent Eastern mood. We offer great Austrian wines paired to the dishes

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Good France Dinner – 21th March

Date: 2017. 03. 06.

We are delighted being requested to participate in Good France worldwide event. On 5 continents in 2000 restaurants the event celebrates first day of Spring with fantastic French dishes, menus.

Do not hesitate, reserve a table now at Jardinette for this fabulous evening.

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