Check out our new Wine and Handcraft Beer list

Date: 2017. 07. 01.

Dear Guests,

we are happy to report: you may taste our brand new wines from selected producers in Hungary. You may also find great Sparkling Wines and Champagnes in our selection. Not talking about our selected Handcraft Beers.

Please welcome our first own bottled beer called Gray Donkey. The name is given after our more then 100 year old predecessor restaurant with the same name. This is how we are keeeping our tradition. Click here to see our wine and beer selection!

Garden Specials from the Grill

Date: 2017. 05. 25.

Besides sitting in our garden surrounded by large chestnut trees from now on you may look behind the scenes since we have opened our Garden Grill. You may enjoy our brand new grill dishes such as Chicken of garden spices, Honey-mustard grilled salmon or Beef tenderloin steak with chili Maldon salt.

Taste our fresh lettuce salads from our farmer in Szigetszentmiklós, as well as the Summer Panzanella from cocktail tomatoes.

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Our Chestnut trees are greening..

Date: 2017. 04. 08.

Check out our beautiful garden out of the noise of Budapest just 10 minutes far from the very city. Enjoy our outdoor tables and great local food leaning back under the shades of the chestnut trees..

Take a look at our garden by clicking here!

The Beer Brewmaster and the Chef – our guest is: Etyeki Beer Brewing

Date: 2017. 04. 03.

We are starting a brand new series of events at Jardinette. Our good old dream is coming true. Each and every evening (6 per year are planned) we invite one of the best known Hungarian Hand Craft Breweries.  The Brewmaster of the selected Brewery is presenting his masterpieces, so does our Chef, Istán Csánki with his great dishes . Info: Our guest on 21st April is Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra

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