Winter garden, Stone building, Cellar

Our premises

The restaurant formerly known as Szürke Csacsi and Búfelejtő consisted of a stone building and two additional service buildings in an enchanting garden with ancient trees. For decades, the gigantic chestnut trees shielded the guests taking meals and sipping wine in the garden. Upon the turn of the century, however, the restaurant was in need of renovation.


The new owner dreamt up a glass winter garden in one corner, joining onto the stone building, so that guests can enjoy the garden during the winter as well.

The winter garden is able to accommodate 70-80 people comfortably. It can be used either separately, or together with other parts of the restaurant, such as the stone building, or the garden with the ancient trees, as an integral element.


The stone building has undergone significant changes. Gone are the bar and the open kitchen areas. Instead, a modern cooking workshop equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen technology has been installed, hidden in the back of the building. In the front part of the stone building, guests will find a surprisingly elegant restaurant area for 60 people.


The modern, arched bar and cloakroom and the wood and glass combination of the room partitioning panels lend a pleasant atmosphere to the restaurant. The two huge oval stucco mirrors that illuminate the ceiling and the tapestries adorning the walls immediately catch the eye.

The owner’s collection of elephant statues is an equally interesting element of the decoration of the stone building.

The 100-year-old restaurant also conceals a wine cellar able to seat 15-20 guests, accessible from the stone building by means of a spiral staircase.

This is also where the washrooms are located, the one for ladies on the ground floor and the one for gentlemen in the basement. The wine cellar is decorated with old barrels, wine shelves and a winepress. The wine cellar without tables is the ideal venue to open high-profile events in style with wine and cheese tasting.