A venue for family occasions

Family events and birthday parties

The Jardinette has become a traditional and memorable venue for various family events and commemorations. Young parents who had their wedding party here like to return, along with their families and guests, to celebrate the christening of their new-born children. The restaurant is a perfect choice for family birthday or name-day celebrations, and silver and golden wedding anniversaries are not rare either.

During Sunday lunch, trained nursery-school teachers attend to smaller children in the children’s corner, while larger children can prepare presents for their parents fit for the event. This service is very popular. Many parents worry that their children will be unhappy sitting at a restaurant table, and therefore the parents themselves are unable to relax and enjoy the event. We provide the children’s corner service on demand on any day for family events, birthday and name-day celebrations.

If you would like to surprise the celebrated person with live music, a pianist or some accordion tunes, just contact our staff.
The Jardinette has come up with special, novel ideas for birthday parties. Try them and surprise your beloved ones. Organize a dinner here for a family member or a friend who is a gastronomy fan – he or she can prepare the main course in our professional kitchen!