Our Chrismas take out offer

Date: 2015. 12. 16.
Our Chrismas take out offer

The Christmas menu with an unmistakable delightful aroma and taste will set a special mood around the holiday table. The meals also includes the taste of the traditional Szegedi fish soup or even the mouth watering Chilled Jelly Soup (aspic). Order this years Christmas super from Jardinette and the food will speak for its self, making your holiday a memorable one.

Szegedi fish soup 0,6l                  1990ft/adag

Stuffed cabbage                            1590ft/adag

Jelly Soup (aspic)/Kocsonya     1490ft/adag

Cold dishes for 4-6 people


Preordered on 20. December!

Email: info@jardinette.hu

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Delivery day: on 23 December: 16:00-19:00!