As of last year, our restaurant offers a team cooking service.

It is a well-proven team-building technique when colleagues or staff who come into contact with each other on a daily basis through work get to know each other better and from new angles by cooking together.

This unique form of team-building is interesting and exciting even for colleagues who are normally less open to modern training techniques. Nowadays, television cooking shows, gastronomic books and magazines attract ever-larger crowds, more and more people like to try their hand in the culinary arts.

In line with its physical parameters, Jardinette offers several different options for team cooking:

  1. Team-cooking in Jardinette’s professional kitchen
  2. Team-building cooking exercises in the garden
  3. “Cook it and serve it!”
  4. Be the team’s sommelier!

For more information, or to request an offer, please check our Contact/Offers section, or call our manager.