The history of Jardinette

Jardinette has a long history.  A 100 years ago this was the preferred resting spot for those transporting water barrels by donkey.  Hence the name that was given at the time for the restaurant the Szürke Csacsi (The Grey Donkey).

Ezt a képet a Vendéglátóipari Múzeumban a 100 éves előd étterem relikviái között találtuk.

The new owner Dr. Kálmán Péter realized that a name like Jardinette would be ideal, projecting a „Joie de vivre” feeling with the fragrance of spring flowers and the cool summer shade casted by the trees.

The word good a relative term perceived differently by each individual.  We may have found a way to offer the best to our customers.  Good hospitality requires: caring, a pleasant, friendly, family environment with very savoury food. Our hospitality has also been put to the test by those celebrating their birthdays, reception for newlyweds (weddings) and competitors in cooking competitions.

A modern family environment serving exquisite Hungarian cuisine with a different monthly menu selection of  fine French specialties and the chef’s offer of creative tasty dishes;  all this to provide you with a continued, enhanced savoury experience.